Exhibitor Inquiries

Exhibitors with inquiries about scheduling, supplier relations, construction, utilities, and more can get all of their answers from the Coex Global Business Unit, or GBU.

The GBU assists exhibitors with booth and supplier management, recommending subcontractors and streamlining communication between Korean suppliers and overseas companies. Members of the GBU are fluent in English, Japanese and Chinese in addition to Korean.

The Global Business Unit is operated internally at Coex, the KOSIGN organizing body. Roles and services are as follows.

  • Utilities | Assisting with utilities applications & other paper application forms
  • Construction Supervision | Acting as overseas exhibitors’ liaison to show’s in-house General Service Contractor, supervising and managing booth installation and dismantling
  • Signage & Advertising | Managing official show directory entries, exhibitor entry badges, and booth signage
  • Guidance Materials | Distributing invitation letters, exhibitor manuals, and other guidance material
  • Exhibitor Consulting | Providing general overall services during the event & settling complaints