Booth Options & Details

Thank you for visiting Coex Convention Center.
We greatly appreciate your interest in exhibiting at KOSIGN.

Exhibitors looking for a preset layout can book a shell scheme booth and be guaranteed a low-hassle setup with room for creativity.


Booth Type Unit Price (Early-bird) Unit Price (General)
Space-Only Booth USD 2,800 / Booth USD 3,000 / Booth
Shell Scheme Booth USD 3,200 / Booth USD 3,400 / Booth


  Shell Scheme Booth Specifications
 부스이미지-복사 booth
   Booth size = 3 m x 3 m = 9 sqm
(Max. booth height = 5 meters)
       –   1 m width x 2.4 m height
–   Company signboard with English and no.
–   Pytex flooring
–   Information desk and chair set
–   Four 100W lights + One 40W fluorescent lamp
–   1 wall socket

All extra power supplies require a separate application. Please see below Utility Details for rates.

Utility Cost Notes
Single-Phase 220V Daytime: USD 50/KW
24 Hours: USD 70/KW
Frequency 60hz
Triple-Phase 220V
Triple-Phase 380V
Domestic Telephone Line USD 50/EA Flat rate phone-bill includes domestic long-distance calls
International Telephone Line USD 200/EA Calculation-free flat rate for domestic & international calls
Wired LAN USD 200/EA LAN only. WiFi unavailable as part of the exhibition.
Plumbing & Compressed Air USD 200/EA
Participant Registration
System (RFID)
USD 200/EA Visitor information can only be provided to companies that install this system.

The following utility services are available on the show floor. A separate application must be submitted for the use of utility services. The application is available on our Form Download page.